Certified Master Inspector South Africa



Certified Master Inspector South Africa 

Reg.No. 2012/191970/08 including all it's  members 





Roald Olivier (Active)

Gideon Pretorius (Active)

Precious Makgoba (Consulting)

Walter Niedinger (Consulting)


Jean-Marc Masson (Active)

Western Cape

Steve Kay (Active)

It is a fact for years properties were sold "as is" or "voets stoots" buyers relied on their own knowledge and a few lucky ones knew someone with a slight knowledge of building experience and maybe asked them to look a property over before they bought and after transfer whatever showed up was repaired at the new owners cost.

Facts you should know.

1. The new consumer protection act does not see the seller as a supplier and is a grey area in this regard, and normally if an issue ends up in court the best argued case normally wins.

2. When an Offer To Purchase is made make sure the "as is" or "voets stoots" clause is taken out of the contract, this is your right.

3. Make sure your Offer To Purchase is subject to the outcome of a favourable home inspection.

4. A CMI Inspector is obligated to include into his inspection report an estimated maintenance value on critical repairs over the first year.

5. A CMI Inspector has to have the latest technology and equipment to ensure a world standard quality inspection report, Moisture Analyser, Infrared Camera, Inductive Scanner, Laser Leveller, Paint Thickness Tester (optional), ext.

6. It is always a good thing to ask a sample report. You, as a client, do not want to pay R 4 200.00 for a report and receive a 5 pages report that should have been at least 30 pages or more.

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