Certified Master Inspector South Africa



Certified Master Inspector South Africa 

Reg.No. 2012/191970/08 including all it's  members 





Roald Olivier (Active)

Gideon Pretorius (Active)

Precious Makgoba (Consulting)

Walter Niedinger (Consulting)


Jean-Marc Masson (Active)

Western Cape

Steve Kay (Active)

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you’ll want to hire an Certified Professional Inspector.  As a member of Certified Master Inspector South Africa and in association with CMI & InterNACHI, we represent the best-trained,  qualified and experienced inspectors in the business. The situation in South Africa are currently unhealthy in a sense that there is no governing body that controls the home inspection business which only came to life just before April 1st, 2011. It is common in any business to find people that are only in it for the sake of making a profit, for this reason it is possible for someone to buy a franchise or start an inspection business with little or no experience. Therefore when choosing a CMISA member you are certain to get an inspector that has not just the experience and knowledge but has the backup of other experienced inspectors, although they work independently are bound by the code of conduct to assist any member in need of an second opinion regarding a certain issue they might not be sure of.

CMI is the world’s elite home inspector membership, its membership requirements are the toughest in the industry.

CMI is the world’s elite home inspector membership, its membership requirements are the toughest in the industry.

Here’s what you get when you hire a CMISA inspector:

  • Our inspectors follow the inspection industry’s most comprehensive Standards of Practice;
  • Our inspectors abide by a strict Code of Ethics, which puts their duty to the clients first;
  • Our inspectors are required to continually update their skills, training and education by taking an industry’s standard Continuing Education, to ensure their skills and knowledge is up to date with regards to building regulations, new products, procedures and systems;
  • Our inspectors are required to use the latest equipment and methods to ensure a high level of service;

Your home is probably the greatest purchase you will ever make, Certified Master Inspector South Africa, urge you to protect your investment and protect your family's future by hiring a CMI inspector preventing a possible financial disaster. These inspectors get approved and you can’t become one automatically. It is a known fact if you do something just for the money the end result is a half hearted effort that is unfair to the client and gives the profession a bad name. A CMI inspector is open to be audited at any time and is full heartedly behind his profession. CMI South Africa adapted the methods, Standard Operating Procedures “SOP”, but adopted for the South African market in regards to our regulations building standards and methods. The core of the business is to that of the ASHI and InterNACHI which has been in operation since the early 60’s & 70’s

Important! Make sure when using and inspector which is not a CMISA member that they do not form part of a company that does any type of maintenance and repair work to property this is a conflict of interest and could lead to self enrichment.

When you buy a second hand vehicle you take it to the AA for an inspection you don't ask the seller's mechanic what's wrong you'd most definitely won't  get a straight answer.